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All your teammates. All your partners. No limits.

Take full advantage of your projects without member limits. Streamline your entire work process by having both your team members and partners in the same place workspace. Create projects and invite all relevant stakeholders with ease.

Never lose track of anything.

Collaborate on important items, assign tasks and share files, using our built-in tool. Get notified on key events happening in your project so you never miss a piece.

Real-time communication native tool.

Get things done faster with our in-app tool by sending direct messages to team members and partners. Create private channels and group calls to keep select conversations truly secret.

Sole entrepeneurs or massive enterprises, Expandable is tailored for you.

A calendar that makes sense. Finally.

Schedule meetings directly from the project threads, use our meaningful Notes tool and write down public and private remarks on each one, browse past events in a practical way and review previous discussions.

Comprehensive video call in-app solution.

No need to use a third party apps to properly conduct meetings anymore! Keep your workflow in full circle with Expandable, schedule and carry out meetings with as many participants as needed in the same app. Whether it is private or group calls, all you need is in your reach.

Quick and easy file sharing for all.

Share important documents with your team and partners just like that. All widely used file formats can be attached to relevant items and discussions.

Expandable is now mobile!

You're constantly on the move? Keep track of your projects and partnerships with our mobile app.


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